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NWAIS Conferences, Workshops and Events

Student Diversity Leadership Retreat

Date: Monday - March 01, 2021
Location: Location TBA
Virtual Retreat for Middle School Students

2021 Student Diversity Leadership Retreat

A Virtual Experience for Students in Grades 6-8

Noon on March 1 - Noon on March 2, 2021



Important Registration Information

Student Groups Are Limited To 12 Students from Each School plus chaperones.

Please see below for information on how to reserve space and register. This event is limited to 150 students and is expected to fill.



Support The Development Of The Student Leaders In Your School.  

Middle school students from member and non-member schools are invited to come together virtually, connect, and build both relationships and skills around communication and inclusiveness.


Students Will:

  • Meet and Connect with Other Student Leaders
  • Explore the Role of Art in Social Movements
  • Develop Skills Around Diversity, Equity and Social Justice
  • Participate in Inspiring Activities That They Can Bring Back To School
  • Generate a Plan for Leading in Your School
  • Participate in Affinity Spaces and Arts-Based Workshops


Who Should Attend?

The retreat is open to all 6-8 grade students.  Students of all races, ethnicities, and cultures are welcome. 

The planning committee encourages faculty to carefully consider the group that attends the conference. We are seeking attendees who have demonstrated interest in issues around diversity and equity and are looking to become leaders in these areas in their school communities. Some successful strategies for faculty selecting students have included:

  • Nomination by faculty or students
  • Participation in a similarly themed club or activity
  • Brief essay that expresses personal interest
  • Participation in student government

Student Groups Are Limited To 12 Students From Each School. Faculty manage the selection process for their school


Note: Each year, the Student Diversity Leadership Retreat alternates its target audience.  In 2021 it will again serve 9-12th grade participants.  We hope that having this information in place will allow you to plan student participation and provide continuity in programming.


School Facilitators

Schools are responsible for sending at least one school facilitator. They must be an employee of the school that is sending the students. There is no registration fee for adults. Because adults from the school will be helping the students apply the work to their own school context, we ask that facilitators are familiar with and invested in the school’s DEI work.

School Facilitator Expectations

  • Ensure collection of registration materials from each student by February 1, 2020 including: behavior contracts, registration forms and payment
  • Be a resource for their students during the conference
  • Be available to students from your school all times during the conference
  • Participate in programming
  • Support and enforce the Student Conduct Agreement including full student participation and adherence to curfew

Student Expectations

Students will be expected to participate fully in all activities and should plan to be a part of the full two-day experience.




This event is limited to 150 students and will likely fill to capacity. Student groups are limited to 12 students from each school.


You can secure your students places with payment, in advance of collecting their paperwork. This will also allow you to submit payment online and pay by credit card.



Online Registration Instructions

  • Use the name of the chaperone as the attendee
  • Select the number of students from the cost categories
  • Student and adult names and dietary requirements will be collected later via the student roster



Registration Deadlines:

  • February 5, 2021 – Student Information and Registration Deadline. No additional registrations will be accepted and no refunds will be offered. All paperwork, including the full student roster is due. The lead chaperone is responsible for submitting: the roster, parent and behavior forms for all student participants. 
  • February 12, 2021 - Deadline for all substitutions. Any student whose paperwork has not been received by this deadline will give up their spot.



Registration Cost


Student Registration: $85



Cancellation Policy

Substitutions may be made any time until February 12, 2021. Written cancellations received by February 12, 2021 are eligible for a refund after a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations received after February 12, 2021 are ineligible for any refund.

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