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Envisioning The Future - Exploring Post-Covid Education and Schools - Part 2

Date: Friday - March 19, 2021
Time: 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Location: Free, Three-Part, Virtual Work Session
3:30-4:30 PST - Free, Three-Part, Virtual Work Session



Envisioning The Future:

Exploring Post-Covid Education and Schools


Part 2: The World Beyond Schools


Part 1: March 3 - RSVP

Part 2: March 19 - RSVP  

Part 3: May 10 - RSVP

*Free* Working Group To Gather and Explore The Future with Your NWAIS Colleagues


Who Should Attend

This working group is intended for senior leaders in NWAIS schools including: heads, trustees, assistant heads, division heads, and diversity practitioners.



Since the covid-19 pandemic erupted, people in seemingly every walk of life have claimed, “This changes everything!” Education has not been exempt from this notion, and many argue this situation has highlighted all that is wrong with education. At the same time, it also has reaffirmed much of what is right about independent schools.

Making such claims is easy. It also would be easy to “return to normal.” The challenge lies in digging deeper and asking the right questions. This is particularly true when the daily demands crash upon us. However, not doing so means that we could lose the invaluable lessons we have learned over the past 10 months. This program is designed to help you zero in on key implications and responses.

Attendees are welcome to attend one or more of the three sessions within the series:

Session One: Exploring What We Have Learned

Using a variation of an unconference format, participants will reflect on lessons learned in a variety of topics. Topics will be presented with a set of guiding questions. People will vote and then go into sessions. Each would last approximately 15 minutes. There would be a brief gathering at the end

Session Two: The Real World Beyond Schools

We would have a panel of experts/leaders from key business sectors.  Each would give a few minutes of opening remarks, followed by a q&a.  

Session Three: Ideas and Opportunities 

Participants would return to the most popular topics from Session One. After some reflection, they would prepare ideas for possible implementation, with a focus on how the idea could be captured and presented to schools as an artifact of the group’s work and/or recommendation.




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