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Teacher and Director of English Curriculum

Position Type Administrator
Start 07/01/2020
School Name North Seattle French School
City, State Shoreline, WA 
Posted 01/24/2020


The teacher reports to the Head of School of the North Seattle French School and works in close collaboration with the assistants and other teachers of the school.


The teacher is responsible for supporting and implementing the mission of the school. The teacher is responsible for the curriculum and materials used in the classroom. The teacher is to provide a nurturing environment for children to explore and learn so that each student can reach his/her fullest academic, intellectual, social, emotional and physical potential. The teacher is responsible for all communication with the parents in regards to each student’s academic, social and emotional progress. In light of co-teaching as the school’s bilingual/bi-cultural teaching approach, the teacher is responsible for collaborating with colleagues in order to provide the most successful learning environment for the students.

The Director of English Curriculum manages all English teachers, mentors them and helps them in their daily activities, classroom management among other things. The Director also interviews potential candidates and is responsible for hiring new English teachers. He/she also helps the Head of School in organizing and leading Professional Development opportunities for teachers during Early Dismissals.


Pedagogical Performance

  • Teacher is to master the curriculum and all programs in the language of instruction
  • Be familiar with the curriculum in the other language of instruction
  • Work with the students individually and in groups as needed
  • Appropriately share information with other staff members and serve as a resource person
  • Be responsible for all curriculum and materials used in the classroom. Activities and materials can be suggested by the assistant but require teachers approval
  • Work alongside and supervise teacher assistants that are assigned to assist with children
  • Prepare educational materials required to implement the daily lesson plan including photocopying, material planning, placing orders of supplies, books and other materials with board approval
  • Prepare written lesson plans and conduct daily activities for children in a safe environment
  • Work with other teachers in the planning of field trips
  • Supervise the children on the field trips
  • Participate in supervising free play and outdoor play
  • Be able to perform all of the above duties with no day-to-day supervision
  • Create homework assignments with simple instructions in English so non-French speaking parents can assist their children
  • Record and maintain the academic and behavioral achievement of each child in regards to test, projects and grades, share notes and application issues/conversation in a google doc for supportive documents

Classroom Management

  • Maintain a clean and orderly physical environment conducive to optimal growth and development of children
  • Participate in fire, earthquake and lockdown drills as directed by the Head of School
  • Use equipment and supplies conscientiously and respectfully
  • Supervise and assist children with meals and clean up
  • Lessons are to be prepared outside of classroom hours, salaried position is paid for 1 hour a day prep time mandatory per day
  • Teachers are to be on site at minimum from 8am to 4pm daily; school hours are from 8:30am-3:30pm
  • Teacher is to organize a mandatory daily 15 min-30 min with assistant to review the lesson plan for the day, responsibilities and other day to day matters (if applicable)


  • Give positive direction to children to prevent arguments, conflicts, or fights
  • Use Positive Discipline techniques to maintain discipline by establishing and communicating expectations with students and enforcing the rules with consistency, fairness and firmness. Cooperate with the Head of School when support of discipline is necessary.
  • Adjust the teaching methods to address various student learning styles

Faculty and Staff

  • Exhibit NSFS Team Member qualities with faculty and staff relations through problem solving, flexibility and communication (see addendum #4)
  • Participate in a professional and objective manner in the faculty evaluation/development process; receive and implement feedback from supervisor
  • Attend and actively contribute to every staff meeting as set by the schedule established during Work Week
  • Attend and actively contribute to in service days, including curriculum development cycle and other meetings as set by the Head and/or Board of Directors
  • Participate in professional development opportunities set forth by the board of directors/Head
  • Maintain his/her certification accreditation by taking the necessary credits
  • Work with other teachers and assistants to schedule combined grade lessons (music, art, science, reading)
  • Participate in the planning and execution of any special events occurring during school days (Special Friends Day, Spectacles, etc )
  • Participate in all team responsibilities outlined at the beginning of the year (ie recess/lunch duty)
  • Provide guidance for the teacher’s assistant to ensure clear roles and responsibilities (if applicable)
  • Delegate activities and lessons to assistant per assistant’s experience level if applicable (as determined by the Head of School)


  • Greets each parent and child daily during drop off and pick up, with a smile
  • Relate to parents in order to foster the growth and development of their children by sharing the daily activity through a blog, Facebook page, notebook or other parent-accessible material
  • Engage with student’s parents individually according to the school’s communication policy to keep them informed of their individual child’s work and progress.
  • Respond to emails within 24hrs, if only to confirm receipt
  • Share relevant information received from a parent with other staff and Head

School Life

  • Attend 2 open houses per year, Orientation Night, French Fest (the 3rd Sunday in March) and the State of the Union meeting in the spring, and 2 other social events (ex; end of year picnic, or Back to School potluck). The dates of these events will be communicated before or during Prep Work Week.
  • Plan and prepare Curriculum Night to introduce the curriculum to parents outside of classroom hours - includes preparation of curriculum presentation for incoming students’ parents to describe in detail what and how the children will be learning and meeting US and French benchmarks for their grade
  • Schedule and plan Parent Teacher Conferences twice a year during school hours (students will not have classes that day). Teacher should be willing to meet with parents outside of school hours if absolutely necessary.
  • Provide a report card for each student twice a year.


The teacher must hold a teaching certificate and/or have a degree in education and have a strong knowledge of children development and school programs. The teacher must have a minimum of 2 years experience and be fluent in the language of instruction. In addition the teacher must have:

  • very strong organizational and communication skills
  • strong classroom management skills
  • the ability to work individually and as a member of a team
  • be detail oriented
  • exhibit leadership and problem solving skills
  • be passionate about providing the best education to all children
  • ability to adjust his/her teaching style to each child’s need
  • teacher must have attended a first aid class
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