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NWAIS Annual Report

NWAIS re-introduced an Annual Report on August 1, 2020. Annual Reports are due to NWAIS by October 1 each year.

NWAIS’ Standards and Practices subcommittee developed the Annual Report over the course of the 2019-20 academic year. The subcommittee utilized research from peer regional associations and NBOA and incorporated input from the Accreditation Committee. The NWAIS board approved the report at its May 2020 meeting.

The Annual Report is designed to serve the following purposes:

  • Foster ongoing school improvement by prompting reflective conversations between Heads of Schools and Boards
  • Provide the association with trend information which it will use for member school reporting and to inform programming
  • Provide information to NWAIS in order to support individual schools in a timely manner and to connect schools with one another to support their common work

NWAIS also worked with NAIS' Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL) to create a custom report that ensures overlapping data transfers easily to the Annual Report. You can see this report in DASL by selecting “browse reports” and “tables (custom reports),” selecting NWAIS in “association,” and NWAIS Annual Reports in “template.” Instructions for using DASL information in the Annual Report are also in video format on the home page of the NWAIS Accreditation Portal.

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Login to the DASL survey via the NAIS website.

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