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NWAIS School Data

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Facts At A Glance

NWAIS Facts At A Glance is a high-level regional benchmarking report pulled from data submitted to DASL, the NAIS statistical tool. This report includes data on enrollment, admission, tuition, financial aid, staff, teacher salaries, income, expenses, and annual giving, among others. You can download nearly 20 years of Facts At A Glance reports by logging into the NWAIS member portal.

Regional Salary and Tuition Reports

NWAIS creates more detailed salary and tuition reports annually. They are generally distributed by the January 1 of each year. These reports do not contain data specific to individual schools, but due to the sensitive nature of the information they are distributed to member school trustees, heads of school and business officers only. For that reason they are posted in the online communities.

Custom Reports

If you are an NAIS member, your school can run custom reports as many times as you would like, throughout the year via https://dasl.nais.org. If your school is not an NAIS member, your NWAIS membership also gives you access to customized reports. Please contact the NWAIS staff to help you run a custom report. You can select any of your school’s comparison groups, adjust variables, run reports over multiple years or use the dashboard templates.

NAIS Data Use Policy

Better Data
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NAIS Data and Analysis
for School Leadership

Login to the NAIS website to generate benchmarking reports, compare your schools' figures to national or regional data and create customized comparison groups of schools you choose.

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