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Cascades Academy Students to Present Year-Long Mastery Projects
Posted 06/06/2017 03:24PM

On Tuesday, June 6 from 5-7pm, Cascades Academy's (Bend, OR) junior class will present their year-long Mastery Projects internships. The Central Oregon community is invited to hear the presentations on the Cascades Academy campus.
An important part of the school's experiential curriculum, the purpose of the Mastery Project is for high school students to learn new skills and trades from local experts in the community. This project occurs in the eleventh grade year and spans the months of October through May. Each student averages two hours a week working in an internship with a local trade, organization, or company studying a topic of his or her choice. At the end of the year, students present their experiences and newly acquired knowledge to the school community.
"In looking at the 21st-century skills that our young people are going to need in their future, the Mastery Project offers them a variety of ways at honing those skills. By setting up their own internship with a local organization, they need to practice both collaborative and communication skills. The length of the internship demands perseverance and independent thinking, and the final self-reflection, through their paper and presentation, requires both writing and public speaking skills," said Katie Lamarre, Mastery Project Facilitator and College Counselor at Cascades Academy.

This year's projects include:
Cooper Hagner | Bike and Ski Maintenance, Internship at Crow's Feet Commons
Joni Ransom | Psychology, Personal Research Project
Emily Touchette | The Art of Baking, Internship at Jackson's Corner
Matt Congedo | Personalized Ski Production, Internship with Community Skis
Lely Garner | Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Internship with Casey Lamont and My Fair Letters
Trevor Helmy | Journalism, Internship at The Source Weekly
Jonathan Wimberly | License to Fly, Pilot Licensure
Delaney Newport | Healthcare, Internship at St. Charles Hospital, Student Teaching with Deschutes Co. My Future My Choice Program, Observation of Nicaraguan Health Care System
Jamie Oliveras | Youth Science Education, Internship at The Children's Museum of Central Oregon
James Verheyden | Hands-on Science Education, Internship at Bend Science Station
"In addition, the Mastery Project allows students to dive deeply into a learning experience where the central Oregon community serves as the classroom. These experiences form strong connections between the students and the community. Finally, the Mastery Project provides the students with the opportunity to investigate a field that they have an interest in, perhaps even as a future career. Through the internship, they can affirm their desire to follow this interest or discover that the field does not match their skill set or true passion," said Lamarre.
For questions or press inquiries, please contact Caitlin Ciannella, Director of Development at 541.382.0699, extension 101.
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