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Cancellation Policy for Pathways to Leadership

Program Description

Pathways to Leadership (PTL) is a two-year cohort-based program.

Application and Acceptance

Participants must apply and be accepted to be a part of the program.
Pathways Timeline: The program runs from July before the first year through June of the second year


The total cost of participating in the programs are $4500 ($6250 for participants from non-member schools). We recognize that this is a significant investment for individuals and schools, and would like to make it accessible by spreading out the cost over the two years. The following is the schedule of fees:

Year 1: July 1 - June 30 (payment due August 1)
Member: $2,250
Non-member: $3125

Year 2: July 1 - June 30 (Payment due August 1)

Member: $2,250
Non-member: $3125

Members are eligible for a 5% discount for pre-paying the full program fee for a total of $4275 for the two year course for members, or $5935 for non-members.


Attendees register for the full two-year course with their initial payment and commit to participating in the full duration of the experience. We also expect that their schools will support their participation for the full duration. Occasionally outside circumstances may prevent participants from completing the program. There are two “terms” for the course based on the pay schedule above. No refunds given for that term once the payment deadline has passed. Should the person withdraw, having pre-paid for future terms that have not yet begun, they will be refunded based on the schedule below. Circumstances when this might happen include: personal illness, change in career objectives, moving out of the area, departing from their school etc.

Cancellation Date

Year 1: July 1 - Sept 15
Cancellation Fee: $250
Year 1 Amount Due NWAIS: No amount due for year 1
Year 2 Amount Due NWAIS: No amount due for year 2

Between: Year 1, Sept 16 - Year 2, Sept 15
Year 1 Amount Due NWAIS: $2,250
Year 2 Amount Due NWAIS: No amount due for year 2

After Year 2, Sept 16
Year 1 Amount Due NWAIS: $2,250
Year 2 Amount Due NWAIS: $2,250

Change in School

Should a participant change schools, they may stay enrolled in the program if they choose to pay future fees themselves or their new institution covers the outstanding costs. If the previous employer has prepaid for future terms, they may request a refund. In the case of change in employer, the new Head of School would need to submit a letter of endorsement for their continued participation.


Since the program is application based, participation is non-transferrable and no substitutes will be admitted for individual events or completion of future terms.

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