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NWAIS Fellowship for Collaborative Innovation:

An Inquiry in Pursuit of an Emerging Leaders Cohort

This NWAIS Fellowship For Collaborative Innovation project set out to contribute a set of next-step recommendations to our association to support the development of leadership within our schools and association of schools.

Over the next several years, the need for qualified and capable independent school leaders, as defined in both traditional and new terms, will be dictated by workforce demographics. Moreover, these leaders will need preparation and resources in order to achieve creative and innovative solutions to education’s ongoing and emerging challenges, as well as the unique developmental needs of NWAIS schools in various stages.

The need for leadership development is well known, yet relatively few programs exist for interested and promising educators, and the pathway can be unclear. For NWAIS, its expansive geographic region poses an additional challenge to our association’s next steps in organizing efficient and effective programming. There are several successful examples of leadership development programs, focused on future heads, within NWAIS currently, which are exciting. This fellowship team strives to offer recommendations that build on these successes and help continue to meet the increasing need.

Our team set out to define the challenges of supporting emerging leaders within our association. In our work with NWAIS schools, we discovered teachers as the under-supported group with the most to gain.

Our methodology included surveys, interviews, and visits with the schools we hope these programs will best serve. Additionally, we interviewed and examined several existing leadership development programs within NWAIS, as well as several leadership programs in other associations.

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