We are committed to...
  • encouraging diverse points of view.
  • continuous reflection and on-going improvement.
  • collegial relationships and ethical leadership.
  • independent education options for families.
  • promoting the independence of our schools.
  • quality standards without standardization.
  • assisting schools in fulfilling their missions.

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NWAIS Affiliate Application

Please note: NWAIS works with a wide variety of school types.  Should you have any questions about this application and how it applies to your school, please contact Betsy Watkins at bwatkins@nwais.org

School Leadership

School Profile Information

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Please comment as to the owner.​​​
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Does your school currently hold accreditation with any organizations? (required for for-profits) ​
Please list the organization(s) that accredit your school:​
Please list the organization(s) affiliated with your school:​​
Please attach your enrollment by grade, indicating break down by race, gender, and financial aid and tuition remission rewards​​
Max file size: 10 MB
Does your school charge tuition? ​​
Does your school provide any kind of tuition assistance (merit-based, need-based, loan programs, employee or sibling discounts, payment plans)? ​​
Briefly describe the school‘s history​
Briefly describe your school and program. (If applicable, please attach a sample of your school’s admission or promotional materials and/or an overview of the school's curriculum or program description) ​​​
If applicable, please attach a sample of your school’s admission or promotional materials and/or an overview of the school's curriculum or program description.​
Max file size: 10 MB
What percentage of your faculty are certificated by the state?​
Faculty Education

School Governance Information

Describe your school’s governance structure(s) (Please attach bylaws, articles of incorporation, constitution, or charter)​​
Max file size: 10 MB
Describe your governing body’s practices such as # of meetings, committee structures, and typical agendas. (Please attach agendas and minutes for meetings.)​
Max file size: 10 MB
Briefly describe your governing body’s composition (parents, community members, length of service, etc.) ​
Please describe the school’s current strategic initiatives: (Please attach your strategic plan or major planning document)​
Max file size: 10 MB

NWAIS Alignment

NWAIS has a wide variety of schools within its network. Please discuss both what you hope to gain and special qualities your school will bring to NWAIS.​​

NWAIS Core Values

NWAIS has four Core Values that all schools within its network share. 

Our schools are also communities that extend beyond traditional boundaries, and include students and families of many types, backgrounds, and ethnicities. NWAIS schools are good citizens in their actual neighborhoods, and often, active members of virtual, global networks of schools. Collaboration, collegiality, acknowledgement of their interconnectedness, and regard for the search for knowledge and understanding characterize our schools, both inside their classrooms and beyond their walls. Whatever their size, type, philosophy and program, NWAIS schools are committed to creating and enhancing environments for their students and staff that are safe, equitable, diverse, and welcoming.​ Describe how this value works in practice at your school​.​
Please upload your school’s non-discrimination statement.​​
Max file size: 10 MB
NWAIS values inquiry, innovation, and a dedication to continuous improvement as essential to school success. The association views ongoing professional development as necessary for progress, and, accordingly, offers members a rich program of workshops and conferences each year. Similarly, the association offers formal and informal consulting to facilitate school change and growth. Describe how this value works in practice at your school​.​​
NWAIS actively promotes the strengthening of current school leadership and the development of future school leadership based on the conviction that good schools can become great schools when guided by skilled, ethical, and visionary leaders. Furthermore, the association believes that, with coaching and training, good leaders can become great, and great leaders can become transformative, manifesting a compelling vision for their school that engages and inspires the entire community. Describe how this value works in practice at your school​.​​​​
We believe in the value of education provided by all school-types (public, for-profit, and non-profit) within our network. How does your school share the value of the Positive Impact of Independent School Education as defined by NWAIS? The association champions the unique experience and distinctive culture that every independent school offers as fundamental to student and school success. NWAIS provides practical support to its member schools as they strive to unleash student potential through exceptional teaching and extraordinary learning opportunities. The association advances independent school education by encouraging schools, in ways appropriate to their missions, to experiment and innovate in program and pedagogy so their students can become life-long learners, and successful citizens contributing to the common good. Describe how this value works in practice at your school​.​​​​​
Describe your school’s financial position with regards to sustainability (debt management, deficit spending, enrollment trends, reserves, deferred maintenance).​​ ​
What is the greatest challenge to your school’s long-term financial sustainability? ​​​​
Part of NWAIS’ commitment to membership is assurance of financial sustainability of our member schools. (If non-proprietary, please attach a copy of the previous year’s budget including year-end actuals and the current academic year budget). ​
Max file size: 10 MB

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