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Asynchronous Courses from Sound Supports

NWAIS has developed a partnership with the educators at Sound Supports and SOS ThreeSixty to bring asynchronous learning to member schools at a discounted price.

Sound Supports is a nationally recognized leader in training, coaching and evaluation supports. Their courses are designed to provide you with practical, evidence-based content you can use right away. Courses feature videos, lectures, guiding questions and downloadable resources.

These curated courses have been selected to bring key information, skills and strategies to teachers and administrators. This year, more than ever before, professional development needs to be responsive to our new context. It also needs to be flexible and work with, not against, the demanding schedules of our educators. By offering an asynchronous alternative to live, virtual programming, we hope that educators can get the support they need, on their own schedule.

Currently we are offering three selected courses specially designed with independent school educators in mind.

Offered through September 2021

Sign up by September to have access to course materials for one year!

Effective and Engaging Online Teaching 101

A practical guide for teachers who need the essential knowledge and skills to be an effective online teacher in just a few hours

In this course you will learn practical knowledge and skills to teach online. We will cover how to setup your digital classroom, the best practices for effective online instruction, how to build community in a virtual environment, and what technologies are most effective for teaching and learning. All in less than 3 hours.



How to Design & Teach Effective & Engaging Asynchronous Online Lessons

A practical guide for teachers who are looking for best practices to engage students in asynchronous learning.

As schools move to more hybrid teaching the need to design asynchronous lessons becomes more important. This course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to create effective asynchronous learning experiences for your students. All of the content in this course is research-based and best practices. The course will cover: How to set up your digital classroom for asynchronous learning, how to build community and relationships with your students online, how to build self-regulation into your lessons, how to implement the Universal Design for Learning framework, the importance of feedback and assessment in online learning, and how to design and record instructional videos. You can learn all of this in less than 5 hours.

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Creating a Trauma Informed Classroom

Trauma and stress impacts learning in schools, but we can create trauma informed environments to build resilience and help mitigate these impacts for K-12 students to enhance their engagement and success, whether teaching in person or in virtual or hybrid contexts.

This self-paced online course will explore how trauma and chronic stress impacts us as human beings and as professionals. We will identify specific strategies and practices grounded in the MTSS/PBIS framework that K-12 teachers can use to enhance their classroom systems to maximize the engagement and success of all students, whether teaching in person, or in a hybrid or virtual learning context. Learn evidence based, practical strategies that are needed now more than ever! All from the comfort of your own classroom, school or home and at your own pace!


"I feel energized to try some new strategies with my students. I especially feel connected to this idea of “I believe in you” energy. It is so easy to get caught up in what students have missed out on in the pandemic and take on the “I’m worried” energy, but focusing on the hope of resiliency feels much more productive."


Participants can register through Sound Supports as a school or an individual by clicking the links above. NWAIS schools can use the coupon code below for a 10% discount. If you register as an individual, you can get started right away. If you register as a school, Sound Supports will be in touch with a code for your faculty to access the courses.

Coupon Code: NWAIS10OFF

"The presenters were very knowledgeable and able. The resources included seem very useful as I look forward to making positive changes in my classroom. This was a high-quality training."

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