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PoC Affinity Space

Seeking Facilitators

Applications Due November 5, 2021

NWAIS Seeks PoC Leaders to Design and Facilitate Affinity Spaces for Faculty and Staff

Opportunity: Stipended role to planning and co-facilitation of 5 virtual affinity spaces for people of color working in NWAIS schools.


NWAIS faculty and staff of color are precious contributors to our schools. We want to support their thriving and growth. To provide another layer of support we are seeking facilitators to launch an region-wide PoC affinity group.

We recognize the groundwork laid by PoCIS (Seattle) and FoCIS (Portland) and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with these groups. We also recognize that schools outside of Seattle and Portland could benefit from the network. In some of our more isolated schools, where the numbers of faculty of color are small, there is a challenge in creating affinity spaces on school-by-school basis. By bringing schools together we can leverage the NWAIS network to bring schools together and convene a critical mass.

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We are Seeking Leaders!

NWAIS will be selecting 4-5 individuals to lead an affinity space for people of color who work in NWAIS schools. The goal of the affinity groups is to provide support, networking and connection for people of color throughout the association.

Generally, facilitators will collaborate to plan and co-facilitate virtual sessions throughout the 2021-22 academic year. Meetings will be held in January, February, March, May, June. These meetings will convene people of color at a common meeting time and offer some time in affinity with the full group and some time in racial affinity groups. The rest of the format will be up to the facilitators to design the program that meets the needs of the constituents. We are specifically seeking facilitators of color.

We recognize the labor that goes into forming a group such as this. To compensate for the time and energy, NWAIS will offer a stipend of $1000 to the selected leaders. NWAIS will provide additional logistics, marketing and administrative support to get the groups going.

Apply to be an PoC Affinity Group Facilitator Here

A note about white caucus spaces: While we are considering the potential of white caucus spaces in the future, we are currently focusing on professional development opportunities that provide spaces for white participants to examine their racial identity in the context of skill development and reflective practice. This takes the form of workshops and trainings that focus on antiracist teaching and practice.

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